D Prime Capital was founded and incorporated in Singapore in 2005 under the division of D Prime Pte Ltd. Today, D Prime Capital is one of the leading property management company specialising in the expenditure and collection of collectibles properties and hospitality management with a key focus on the marketing of real estate assets.


Collectibles, not your ordinary investment


Generally speaking, a collectible is any physical asset that appreciates in value over time because it is rare or it is desired by many. Leveraging on this idea, D Prime Capital aims to identified investment and development that are collectibles. We find extraordinary and as well as crafted asset because we see the value in the unique investments. Taking this perspective to the next level - D Prime Capital create a new business model for the real estate industry that we have come to call our Collectibles Model.

D Prime Capital strives to create winning partnerships with business partners, customers and staff alike. To learn, understand, and deliver value across every stage is our commitment to make your business our priorities which resulted in a strong track record of quality and portfolio of products. Our objective is to provide you with transparent advice support in making complex decisions. D Prime Capital’s strong network of international investors, bankers and business associates enables us to harness expertise and resources for the most innovative projects across Asia.


• Assess the viability and feasibility of your needs

• Develop the right strategy for your portfolio

• Maximise value through knowledge and understanding

• Make informed decisions

• Support your business with effective lease management

• Manage your costs



One of D Prime Capital’s mission is to lead every winning relationship forward to financial freedom with mutual trust, respect, resilience and benefit. On that note, we wanted our logo to mirror our philosophy in which we used the circle and ambigram visual aesthetic as our representation -nicknamed “lucky money coin”. D Prime Capital’s aim is to understand objectives and deliver outstanding results - qualities our “money coin” emblem, a fitting corporate logo for D Prime Capital as it sets its sights on steady and confident growth.


The local network and knowledge enables us to have market insights and allow us to respond quickly to investment opportunities in the markets. We stay up-to-date with our markets and the properties within them. We have direct link to investors and understand the importance of maintaining strong and lasting relationships built on trust and credibility, and repeatedly deliver opportunities that meet the investment requirements of our clients. Our team are here to listen carefully to our investors’ needs. We also establish and manage relationships with developers and agents and travel to all markets to conduct research and due diligence on potential investments. Their knowledge, expertise and partnerships are crucial at keeping D Prime Captial at the forefront of developments and investments.

Our aim is to remain consistent to deliver the best quality of services and products to our valuable clients. Our clients who are interested in Collectibles investing trust us to offer considered, expert investment advice and provide access to high-quality investment opportunities. Our Management Team have provided the vision for what the company aspires to be. They have driven us forward, defining and leading the Collectibles service model. Their drive and commitment has helped to laid the foundations for the D Prime Capital, a company with a global network and strong client base that allows us to offer opportunities in markets around the world. Over the years, we’ve help our clients with various services that helped unlock future wealth.


When a client agrees to invest or partner with us, our Finance Team becomes their point of contact and will simplify all financial related process. Their goal will be keeping investors up to date with the development until the project completes. Our finance team is diligent and exceptionally hard working, the fundamental in both our day-to-day operations to enable us to reach success.


We aim to offer what goes beyond our face-to-face relationships. We are at your service both offline and online,our Client Service & Marketing Team plays a vital role defining and delivering the D Prime Captial brand. To ensure investors, developers and distributors know who we are, our team of experienced marketing professionals is determined to give every opportunity the attention it deserves.


Illya Heng, CEO and founder of D Prime Capital and co-founder of 989 Partners Ltd, has the experience of 23 years in collecting and developing valuable real estate properties, which serves the best need of the customer, with optimum satisfaction. She has gained unmatchable experience and expertise in investment, development, strategic planning, acquisition, merger of fund for investment, project management, and marketing. Illya has a diverse portfolio in real estate investment, spread over many countries, which includes USA, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Dubai and Korea. She has shared her expertise on various real estate investment portals and conferences as a speaker.


During the course of her real estate investment journey, she has worked with many globally recognized figures. Currently, she is working with the iconic Apple Store Architect, Tim Kobe, who is also a partner of 989 Partners Ltd with Illya.


Illya’s most recent project is Boracay Portico, which has been talked about for its majestic design and ideal location, as reported by CCTV TV, News Asia and Forbes.

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