Our Business

D Prime Capital has accomplished many diverse real estate projects all over the world. Over the last 22 years, we have gained the trust and confidence of our valued clients, the essential experience and expertise required to excel in local and overseas real estate investment / property management, but most importantly we learned a lot about the expectations of our clients, who are our greatest value.


We operate from our office at Dempsey Hill, Singapore. Coming soon in 2016 two new divisions in Dubai and Philippines will be completed to better cater to the needs of those regions. We present below just a selection of the most prominent projects for you to explore and acquaint yourself with our background.

1  Investment

2 Property Management

3 Joint venture for USA

4 Foreclosure

5 Co-Developer & Owner

Our Business

D Prime Capital plan to achieve your short and long-term goals for your real estate investment. In order to maintain focus, we keep abreast of current trends, including any changes in consumer spending habits, currencies, including unemployment rate to name a few. This enables our team to predict when trends may change, creating potential opportunities for our clients. Prepared investors rely on us to maintain high ethical standards and expertise in the ASEAN markets because we believe that once a particular market is mastered, D Prime Capital can move on to additional areas using the same in-depth approach.

We understand that effective real estate consultants need to pay attention to detail; they should be able to adapt to any regulatory changes or economic trends; and most importantly, provide value added investment options. Considering the fluctuating real estate market globally, at D Prime Capital, we are up to the task and have business skill to set our clients on the paths to smart investing.


Some of the properties that we have invested in are: One Tree Hill Residences, Marina Bay Residences, St. Regis Residences, Dorsett Residence, Novelis@Novena, 368 Thomson, Sky@ Eleven, One Shenton and 76 Shenton.

Property Management

D Prime Capital act as intermediaries between property owners and renters. We also manage vacant properties for absentee owners and manage large properties that are owned by individuals or companies.

We strive to ensure all management personnel are good with people, pay meticulous attention to detail, and are straightforward in their dealings with clients, tenants and contractors. We have the experience, dependability and connections to all business field that catered to the needs of our property management division.

Joint Ventures

Whether you are an investor, broker, or financial advisor, you always have your clients' best interests at heart. So do we. D Prime Capital ’s goal is to help our customers get what they want. Partnering with us gives you access to key target markets and expertise in international markets.


Our goals are ambitious; we will only achieve them in partnership. When it comes to selecting a partner, D Prime Capital evaluates existing infrastructure, intellectual capital, customer base, market reach, credibility and responsiveness.

We understand the tangible and intangible assets that can be gained by participating in a joint ventures. It’s all about leveraging, businesses are stronger if they work together!


If you would like to explore partnership opportunities with us for a project or event, please contact us. We understand the corporate responsibility with joint ventures. Our bank of trust, our expertise in real estate and marketing skills can help you to achieve your goals.


The foreclosure mechanism presents numerous and rewarding opportunities for investors to secure significant concessions on real estate properties.


With the unprecedented number of looming foreclosures on the horizon, the time has never been better to invest in these rare opportunities. At D Prime Capital, we have the contacts and valuable experience to negotiate with banks on foreclosure opportunities.

If you would like to know more about the opportunities available, please contact us at dprime@singnet.com.sg. We understand the process of going through such transactions, with our investment analyst ready to guide you at every stage, from negotiations to sale.

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